Paving the way for the future of car mobility

SOCRATES2.0 is a pan-European project that brings together road authorities, service providers and car manufacturers. Together they set new standards to share and integrate traffic information. This enables effective traffic management and opens the door to innovative traffic information and navigation services. It will make traffic smoother, safer and more sustainable. Hence our pay-off: fast, safe and green. SOCRATES2.0 also provides the essential building blocks to prepare Europe for the future of self-driving cars. 

More about SOCRATES2.0

SOCRATES2.0 is completed, read our legacy:

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News & Agenda

29 June 2021

Mini docu: Partner reflections on the SOCRATES2.0 project and results

In a 12-minute documentary, all cooperating partners reflect on their expectations at the start of the project.

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29 June 2021

3-minute video on the essence of SOCRATES2.0

If you would like a good and quick impression of the SOCRATES2.0 project, you can watch our 3-minute video about the project.

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29 June 2021

Looking back on the final SOCRATES2.0 conference

The final SOCRATES2.0 conference ‘Wondering is the beginning of wisdom’ was held online on 22 June. More than 200 participants saw and heard about the SOCRATES2.0 journey of the past four years.

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29 June 2021

SOCRATES2.0 Digital Magazine: read all about the results, reflections on the concept and follow-up

All the project ins and outs are now conveniently bundled in a clear and easy to navigate Digital Magazine. Read all the details about the results, lessons learned and what is next for European interactive traffic management.

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2&3 December 2020 | Digital

Polis conference

SOCRATES will present two papers: on cooperative proactive traffic management in the Metropolitan Region Amsterdam (Giovanni Huisken) & Digitalization and distribution of Environmental Zone information in the Amsterdam Region (Jan Maarten van den Berg et al.)
9 & 10 November 2020 | Virtual

ITS Europe Congress 2020

Virtual format. SOCRATES will present papers on 3 use cases (road works, optimizing network traffic flow, road works data) and also on the assessor (intermediary role for cooperation)
29 June-1 July 2020 | Brussels

Asecap days

POSTPONED, date unknown. Patrick Deknudt (Vlaamse overheid) will present the cooperation in the Antwerpen pilot, use case for optimizing network traffic flow on the Antwerp ring road.
25 June 2020 | Webinar

Webinar Cooperation framework for public-private trafficmanagement

Tiffany Vlemmings and Nuno Rodrigues will present (in Dutch)
April 2020 | Amsterdam

Intertraffic Amsterdam

POSTPONED to March 2021. SOCRATES2.0 was to be presented in the exhibition (booth of Metropole Region Amsterdam)



Four pilot projects will be organised, involving thousands of users testing new and extended mobile/in-car services based on interactive traffic management. The pilots are located in the regions of Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Munich and Antwerp and include motorways, regional roads, urban-interurban interfaces and urban roads.

Roadmap and activity overview

October 2017 Kick off event

June 2018 Joint vision ready

September 2018 ITS World Congress, Copenhagen

October 2018 Pilot design complete

April 2019 Start pilots

June 2020 Evaluation reports

December 2020 Consolidated results